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Moneyback guaranteed during the 12:00 am from the date of purchase.
The system of sending messages to tickets is at the bottom of this page.

The basic rules of work with our proxy servers:

1. Our proxy server may not be used to spam and other illicit mailings (spam on forums/blogs/inbound/social bookmarks/message boards and other types of sites, as well as for bulk registrations on them without the consent of the owners).
2. it is prohibited to disseminate information prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries.
3. it is forbidden to use for hacker attacks, brute, hacking sites, theft of information, as well as other activities prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and laws of other States.
4. Reselling, renting by the hour or day or transfer our IP to others is strictly prohibited. (even attempted resale, transfer or deposit will not be tolerated)

For non-compliance with the rules should be the immediate blocking of the account without notice and refund. Full responsibility for the completed with proxy action carries only the client. Buy proxy, you agree with these rules (they can be supplemented or changed).


This section is created in order to give customers at least issues arose, and even more complaints in the future. Please carefully read the information provided. If you contact those. support immediately specify: package proxy, you use the login and password of your account, which you received after purchasing access.
1. In order to use our proxy server, you must buy a login and password with an expiration date (10, 30 days etc.).
2. Before you write a complaint on the trading floor contact. support. Work schedule with caliper 7-00 to 24-00 (Moscow time). Average response time slide 30 minutes but not more than 8:00.
3. Customers who use profanity may be denied assistance. Make claims to quality of service is permitted only after preliminary communication with technical support.
4. Please do not CHECK our so-called proxy chekerami on websites, they will see that the proxy does not work. As it is possible to recommend program Proxifier chekera (just do not forget to enter your login and password).

Refund policy:

1. To obtain a refund email in tickets with a description of why you want a refund and that you are not comfortable with the proxy.
2. We do not refund money, if from the moment of activation of more than 12:00 am. This time is quite enough for the test.
3. We do not refund the money if the proxy is banned on any site (Yandex, auto, etc.) because we do not sell access to the site, and proxy. Buy, try, didn't like it, make your Moneyback.

Contact Support:
Email -

Ticket response time of 30 minutes, but not more than 8:00.

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