Answers to frequently asked questions.

How to buy, and when will I receive my proxy?

All products on our site can be paid using the payment service cards, money, Yandex, QIWI, Webmoney, PayPal, etc., you can also pay via mobile operators, terminals, Internet banking. After payment you will instantly gain access to your personal cabinet and proxy list. To purchase, go to the site

Select your desired package proxy and click buy. Then you will be automatically redirected to the 24-hour instant online store purchases. In the store, select the currency convenient for you method of payment. Please write your real e-mail address, it will come to you after you purchase information about the product, which in case of loss you can always restore by going to the address

Refund within 12:00 am from the date of purchase.

During 12:00 am after activation, if you don't fit the proxy, you can return your money. To receive a refund, please contact technical support.

Can I take the TEST your proxy?

We have no test. During 12:00 am after purchase, you can return your money if you for some reason have not arranged our proxy. This time is enough to evaluate the performance of the proxy. We guarantee work proxy and what their somewhere temporarily can block, this is perfectly normal and it has long been understood by all who works with any proxy. Block proxy is usually due to frequent registrations even if the registration is in manual mode. Each service has its own regulations and some have a certain number of hits from the same IP in hours or even days and think it has long been known to all. Advantage of our proxy is unlimited bandwidth, high speed and stability.

I can not go into the control panel.

1. Try with another browser such as FireFox " independent " or " Opera ". " " Xpom browser may block the access to our control panel. 2. Set the control panel to the page is accessed through a secure connection: If that doesn't work, gives a blank page or your browser says something about a certificate, then go without " s " secure connection, the link is this:


This can happen if for example you are disconnected from the Internet and you have a dynamic IP. (If your ISP's IP " dynamic " i.e. (IP keeps changing when disconnected from the Internet disconnection) and you are the buyer of our proxy servers: please contact our technical support, we very quickly will help solve the problem with dynamic IP). Check the proxy in the browser (whether open pages of famous popular sites through proxy?), if there is also not working, please send an email to technical support, the issue decide. If any browser proxy work, most likely the problem is not on our side.

CHECKER checks procs and none does not work!

DON'T NEED OUR PROXY " CHECK " different chekerami! You don't determine our proxy! < br/> 1. Our proxies are working through login/password and bind to IP. 2. your " checker " can block our servers, so how can work normal protection against attacks. Check the workability of a proxy such as Proxifier or through a regular browser and if everything works, but your program doesn't, look for reason in the program, this happens and typically 99.999% is user error. If it still fails to work, please contact our technical support service.

I have a dynamic IP, what should I do?

If you have a constantly changing IP address of the ISP that you connect to the Internet, please contact our technical support service, we can help you quickly solve this problem. With this issue we only help our users! When prompted to send your login, which are using at the moment.

What discounts

On some of the packages we offer regular discounts. Use the Extend function in your account (the renewal price may be lower than the price of a newly purchased product). Warning! If your account which you have decided to extend no longer works, then use the code extension you will not be able to, so as not to be able to log in to the control panel. Need to buy a new account. As well as follow the Action on the main page of the site.

How do I renew my account?

You may renew your account if you still works and you can go to the control panel. If your account has expired, you will not be able to log in to your control panel and use the code extension! That would extend the current account, you need to buy for him RENEWAL CODE. Go to control panel and click on the inscription " Extend ", in the opened box, copy your code and click Activate. Once activated, you will see the time change and the number of remaining days.

How many live proxy?

Our proxies are extremely durable, you can be sure. The term for which you have purchased an account, our proxy exactly live, what's more, if you want to renew your subscription, you also should not be afraid that our proxy could have something happen.

How often changes a list of IP addresses?

Proxy we have static, i.e. they are not updated. Once a week you can refresh the list manually (use Control Panel). When buying a second identical package proxy IP difference could reach 85-95%

How many users can work on one account.

On one account can only be used by a single user. Each account in myalpari binds to your ISP's IP and if you give someone your account and this user went into it first, you will not be able to connect. This is done with one goal in mind, to avoid free connections.

The proxy will only be used by me or someone else.

Our packages can use any proxy who will buy them. If you need a dedicated IP address, you can buy personal proxy, they will be use only you have for him make a payment and extend. To do this, please contact our technical support.

Search engines spew CAPTCHA

It is already normal. Just search engine protection system is triggered from the scanners. This behavior is noticed not only by our service but also ordinary providers.

For my program requires login/password

If your program requires a special format of username/password, then in the control panel there is a layout designer of various formats and their unloading. Available tags: {ip}, {port}. Example: {ip}: {port} @name:p arse. We have it and you can create any login/password format for any program.

Our proxies are working with the binding IP address:

At the moment there are two types of authorization. On the external IP of Anna chvankova or by name and mask at the same time. When you use the username and password you can only work with one Internet provider simultaneously within a subnet mask. If you are working with multiple servers, each must purchase a sobsvennyj account (same or different tariff). When logging in through login and password to do bind to the subnet mask. To find out the range of subnet mask, you must follow the steps:

Use special service
IP Address field enter the IP binding
Mask Bits field select 21

CIDR Address Range - range in which the proxy will work with login and password authorization. You do not need to fill in the other fields.

The next step is to go into Control Panel and bind to IP. Mask of the provider will be selected automatically. If you for some reason changed external address or even your ISP, binding can be changed at any time: you can always do it yourself in your control panel account, the changes will take effect through 3-6 minutes.

How to activate your promo code:

If you see on the main page.

Copy the promo code, turn to page rates, click to buy, go to the payment page and enter the promo code.

What is a proxy:

A proxy server is a firewall or security barrier between the user and the Internet, which hides your personal data and your IP address in the Internet. Through your IP address, you can find your location (country, city and even your address). What are the advantages of proxy? Internet access via proxy allows you not only to hide your IP address, but also communication with you site using proxy server with quick connections via optical fiber. Using a proxy server, you will be able to visit the site, even if you are banned, or if your admin at work shut you access IСQ, QIP, Classmates, vkontakte, Lineage. Just enough there are often situations when someone closed access to LiveJournal (LiveJournal), Youtube, for entire countries, and in this case the proxy will help you to bypass filters. In addition to all this, you can get processed information without problems. The proxy server works quite simply. First you connect to the server, where you specify the address of the global network. After this, the proxy sends the processed your request with a large skorostjupo the destination address, then he accepts the incoming response and sends you package your information. This way, you get a quick work with files, complete stealth and can visit those sites, which are limited to viewing the users from other countries, plus a good level of security. The main thing is to find a good proxy server and use it and that you will help our HTTP proxy and SOCKS5 in one account. That's all, hope you understand-what is proxy.

Why do I need a VPN?

Why VPN? What purposes it serves? Let's compare the standard Internet connection and connect using OpenVPN technologies. When using normal, unprotected connections your computer remains accessible from the outside. It may at any time attack hackers (sniffingom, burglary or port scanning), and easier to monitor all network traffic — it can make your provider or Government services. Standard connection can also be limited by the providers or settings of corporate firewalls. This creates additional inconveniences that hinder comfortable surfing and working on the network. For example, the network administrator of your company can block access to some sites, and many modern programs no longer work due to the closure of certain network ports. Solve all of these problems allows OpenVPN technology — further development of VPN technology (Engl. Virtual Private Network-virtual private network). VPN network is established on top of the Internet, repeatedly increasing the security of the connection. OpenVPN is an implementation of a virtual network with a greater degree of reliability, security and versatility. It is based on open source code and constantly improved teams of professional developers.

A proxy may not be used to:

Spamming and other illegal purposes such as spam on forums, blogs, guestbooks, SOC. Bookmarks, message boards and other types of sites, as well as mass registrations on their own, without the consent of the owner of the resource. If you come for the regular mass complaint or spam or something, your account will be blocked without refund. The same prohibited dissemination of information prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation and other countries. For hacker attacks. Hacking sites and all sorts of information. And other activities prohibited by legislation of the Russian Federation and laws of other States. For non-compliance with the rules should be the immediate blocking of the account without warning and return of funds.

Blocked resource there is a solution:

you want to get into a locked resource: we are ready to offer a solution to this problem through the proxy of Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Britain, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Czechia, Kazakhstan. All proxy servers have support for the HTTPS protocol. one account, you have two types of proxy servers: http and socks5.