Rules for using our proxy servers.

The proxy server must be purchased for rent Rented a proxy server may not be used to send unsolicited messages, including, but not limited to, the following types of spam on forums, personal blogs, spam spam guest books, social bookmarking spam, spam message boards Rented not use proxy server for mass registration of accounts Proxy through leased unacceptably dissemination prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation or other countries in the zone of action Proxy through leased unacceptable conduct hacking user accounts, hacker attacks, hacking sites, information theft and other fraud Resale (leasing, temporarily use etc) RHN Proxy servers leased by third parties prohibited. Violators forfeit the right to use the proxy servers without possibility of refund. Full responsibility for the use of proxy servers falls on the client. Paying rent, you agree with these rules (they may be supplemented or modified at the discretion of the owner of the proxy servers). For violating this regulation provides for the recovery of: client access proxy servers without refund.

Why choose us?

Our company is proud to offer high-quality services of proxying. We value every customer. For several years, some of our clients have become permanent. So why do customers choose us? We are one of the leaders of the Runet We have the most developed network infrastructure. We work only with large hosting companies and datacenters. Our company has its own blocks of IP addresses and Autonomous System. We fully supervise the work of all our addresses. Our company has entered the market of virtual services in the year 2012, since then has been developing dynamically and looks confidently to the future. In contrast to short-lived firms and illegal proxy networks of zombie computers infected with " ", our firm offers its clients reliable long-term options by holding the lowest possible prices. The price of our proxy servers is lower than that of competitors because we don't spend resources unnecessarily!