What is a modern proxy server

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One of the variants of the translation of the English term proxy is the phrase "proxy" - and this fully reveals the semantic load of the topic of this article. A proxy server is a separate software package that is an intermediary point, an intermediary between a user and a certain resource on the network. This is an additional link in the chain of data transmission via the Internet. On your behalf, the proxy server requests or transmits information to the target resource, acting for it as the end consumer, while representing your interests anonymously.

Proxy acts as a kind of gateway or filter between you and the source of information on the network. It allows its clients to make indirect requests to third-party network services, receiving them to their address and forwarding them on their behalf. The process begins with the user connecting to the proxy server and entering a request to connect to the resource he needs. Next, the proxy either connects to the desired service itself, or gives the client a version stored in its own cache memory. Sometimes the received request from the proxy server client or the received server response may be modified for security purposes. The use of this technology expands additional benefits and opportunities for customers:

🔒 Ensures anonymity of users for the target resource;
🔒 Protection against cyber attacks is guaranteed;
🔒 The software proxy complex successfully resists tracking;
🔒 The share of privacy for the data consumer is increasing;
🔒 Using a proxy server allows you to bypass blocking;
🔒 Significantly increases the level of security for the customer of the service.

Every modern proxy server allows data transmission with virtually no loss of speed, with the exception of resources using outdated equipment and artificial traffic restrictions. ProxyElite Company. biz provides its customers with high-quality high-speed service based on the use of its own equipment and software of the latest generation. Our proxy servers are easy to set up and have sufficient data transfer speed. If necessary, each client receives the help of our Support Service and can sort out the organization of proxy surfing on the network in a matter of minutes.