What are proxy servers for

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The use of a software intermediary when working with the Internet has become an almost ubiquitous necessity these days if you want to receive and receive data without any blocking and restrictions from regulatory authorities. A high-quality proxy server opens up many opportunities for its users, such as:

🔒 Privacy. You access the required resource through an intermediary, i.e. for the final addressee of the request, it is the proxy software package that acts as the recipient and sender of the data, and you maintain your anonymity.
🔒 Security. In the event of cyber attacks related to the use of a particular resource, their target will be a proxy server, and you will enjoy the safe use of the necessary sites.
🔒 Bypass locks. Nowadays, when the authorities of almost every country prohibit more and more resources, this point becomes especially relevant. Do not deny yourself the use of convenient and familiar sites and programs using a proxy.
🔒 Access to your favorite content. There are also resources on the network that are strictly intended for certain countries and regions. If you are not located there, you will be able to access them through a proxy server.

Additional tasks assigned to the proxy: This service can be used by both individuals and entire companies. In addition to the advantages described above, the proxy service can also perform some other tasks. To speed up the network, this becomes possible thanks to the use of cache copies of popular sites that are stored in the proxy memory. His participation reduces the real load of the required resource and allows you to receive and receive data faster. Filter unwanted sites, this option is used in public networks, a kind of analogue of "parental control". You will not be able to visit prohibited resources, for example, open Twitter from a work computer, etc.

Data compression also helps to speed up the network. Before sending to the final destination, user requests undergo special processing, which has a positive effect on the speed of traffic. Turbo modes work in a similar way in some popular browsers: Yandex and Opera. This set of functionality makes the use of a professional proxy server an important element of ensuring the confidentiality of personal data and ensuring cyber security.