About our service

Server elite anonymous proxies.

Our service allows you to anonymously surf the global network, send and receive messages by e-mail or in messengers (for example, Telegram), use sites and forums on which your IP is in the block, attend resources, access to some states bypass Restriction on the number of downloads by 1 IP on one or another file sharing service.

  • Industrial servers
  • HTTP/S and SOCKS5 in one account
  • Large range of IP addresses
  • Return of funds within 24 hours
  • Without blocking by IP, 99.8% UPTIME
  • Big and small proxy volume

Why customers choose us

ProxyElite.biz Company operates in the market of personal, anonymous, individual proxy servers since 2012. During this time, we managed to become one of the leaders of the Runet with a highly developed network infrastructure, acquire its own blocks of IP addresses and autonomous systems and develop a flexible price policy for our regular customers.

We provide high-speed proxies for rent, an important component in the work of the Guru computers and the most ordinary users. They are reliable and secure intermediaries between the user and the target server. Renting a proxy server, you are guaranteed to get comfortable, protected and quiet conditions for your work activities.

Our proxy servers will provide you with the possibility of 100% anonymous mode to bypass blocking, resources with closed and limited access. Customer rental conditions are very beneficial and understandable. At any time you can contact our managers to get a competent consultation and ask all your questions.

We definitely orient and help with the choice of what is needed, without overpayments and with the greatest benefit. With proxy servers from ProxyElite.biz You no longer have to spend time, strength and money, because we will certainly take care of your comfort.