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1. Of course, when you are in such a service, it becomes a little uncomfortable - almost all information about the device and location is in front of your eyes. You thought that all your actions on the Internet and on websites are hidden or anonymous. No that's not true. In addition, there is no private access to the World Wide Web. If only turn off the Internet and switch to a push-button telephone. But you are hardly ready to sacrifice your comfort. To protect yourself from prying eyes, you must follow the following rules: #You must not issue a discount card that the store offers. Yes, you can be left without a profitable promotion and not save a certain amount of money, but your data will never go anywhere. Understand that a discount card is issued to gain access to your personal information, and not at all for a gift.

2. Surely you know why you can not publish stories with photos and geolocation. Just because you can be robbed, fired, fined just for posting on your social media page. In addition, banks and insurers look into your account to make sure you have any customer details. # Turn off your phone's Wi-Fi search. There are companies that place routers in the city that read your phone number in order to gain access to the current position and movement. This is done to learn about you information and sell it to third parties. Set your smartphone to block access to personal data and contacts. Set up Wi-Fi so that your provider does not track you. A paid service is preferable to a free one because the free ones can access your information and sell it. Install an ad blocker that blocks cookies, as well as other data about your activities on the Internet.