Refusal of guarantees: limiting responsibility

Communications are provided “as is”, with all the malfunctions. To the degree permitted by law, “” and the parties exempted from liability, the present refuse all guarantees that are obvious or implied, including, without restriction, guarantee of the lack of defects, commodity, suitability for specific purposes or lack of violation of the rights of third parties . You are assuming all the risk regarding the use of communications for your purposes and regarding the quality and performance of communications, including, without restrictions, the risk of removing or damage to your software, hardware or contents, or unauthorized access of strangers to your information, as well as abuse or illegal seizure of your presentation by other users. This restriction acts in situations of the lack of significant application of any means of legal protection. In some jurisdictions, the exclusion or restriction of the implied guarantees is not allowed, so this reservation may not touch you.

Except cases required by law, “” and the parties exempted from responsibility are not responsible for any direct, indirect, actual, real or side losses incurred due to or in any connection with the current conditions of use or the inability to use communications, Including, without restriction, direct and indirect losses due to the loss of reputation, missed benefits, loss of data and failure or problem of computer, even if it was known about the possibility of such losses, and regardless of the theory (contract, civil offense or another), on which The claim has been founded. The aggregate liability of “” and the parties exempted from responsibility, according to this agreement, does not exceed $ 500 (five hundred dollars). In some jurisdictions, the exclusion or limitation of liability for random or indirect losses is not allowed, so the above restrictions may not apply to you.

Compensation for losses

You agree to protect, compensate for the damage and protect “”, its contractors, employees, licensor and partners, as well as their relevant directors, officials, employees and agents (“Parties freed from responsibility”) from any claims of third parties and expenses (including legal costs) arising from the use of our communications (including, without restriction, your presentation or violation of any these conditions).