Our proxies function with the binding of IP addresses:

1. To use our service, you need to register an account and verify it using an existing email address. It is not allowed to use temporary, non -existing, as well as email addresses of bases located in spam. Please use the correct email for registration. For your convenience, when making the first purchase, the account will be registered automatically.

2. IP binding to real IP is mandatory to use our service. How to do this you can find out the page below. IP binding is possible only to one IP, you can change it as many times as necessary for you. The proxy will operate in the range of IP Masks 21 bits.

3. It is prohibited to use a proxy at the same time from 3 devices (servers, VDS, VPS, PC, laptops, etc.).

4. Our proxies are forbidden to use for spam and other types of illegal mailings (spam on forums / blogs / guest / sockets. Classifieds and other types of sites), as well as for mass registrations on them without the consent of the owners).

5. It is prohibited to disseminate information prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries with the help of our proxy.

6. It is forbidden to use a proxy for hacker attacks, brutas, hacking sites, theft of information, as well as other activities prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the laws of other states.

7. Resale, delivery for an hour or day or the transfer of our proxy to other people is strictly prohibited. (Even the attempts of resale, passing or transmitting will stop).

8. We provide a guaranteed refund within 24 hours after purchase if the proxy does not work for you. Return is carried out in the same way that you used to pay. To return, contact the support service.

9. After 24 hours from the date of payment, you can cancel the order with the return of unused funds to the internal balance of the account. Cancellation is possible once every three days in the Personal Account without contacting the support service.

10. With numerous, unreasonable refund requests, further purchases on our site can be prohibited for you.

11. Our support service is glad to help you every day from 7.00 to 24.00 (GMT +3). You will receive an answer for 30 minutes, but no later than 8 hours from the date of sending the request.

12. Responsibility for any action with a proxy carries only the client.

13. For non-compliance with this information, your account will be blocked without warning and refund.

14. Buying a proxy, you agree with this information (it can be supplemented and changed).

Currently there are 2 types of authorization:

1. By external ip. 2. By name and mask.

Using the name and password, you get the opportunity to work only with one web provider simultaneously within the subnet mask. Applying several servers at once, for everyone you need to buy a personal account (similar or other tariff). Authorizing using the login and password, you must connect to the subnet mask.

Determine the range of bit mask using This service

In the "IP address" column you need to specify the IP bindings, in the column Mask Bits you should select 21.

If you log in via login and server password will be operated in the CIDR Address Range range. The remaining fields are not required to fill. Then you need to go to the account management section to perform binding to IP. The provider's mask will be detected independently. If your external address is either a provider for one or another reasons changed, it is not difficult to change the binding. You can do it when it is convenient for you - just go into the control panel, and only only 3-6 minutes. Changes will become valid.

Proxy - What is it?

The proxy server is a mediation link between the user's computer and the Internet servers system. What does it give? Makes your stay online anonymous, provides a high connection speed with the desired resource, allows you to bypass locks and filters.

Transparent proxy

This is a regular proxy server that leaves all your personal data in the network unchanged. The transparent proxy server allows you to speed up access to frequently visited pages by placing them in the cache, as well as reduce the download time for the user. Many companies use a transparent proxy server for filter purposes. For clarity, a transparent proxy server can be represented as follows: HTTP headers will take the values ​​below. REMOTE_ADDR = Proxy IP Address HTTP_VIA = Proxy IP Address HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = Your real IP address Note that _x_ in the name of the variable denotes the optional use. Such a variable in the title may not be. However, the rules of good tone on the network is considered to be the transfer of http_x_forwarded_for. This variable is supported by such leaders in the proxy area, like Squid, Apache MOD_PROXY, Cisco Cash Engine and others.

Anonymous proxy

An anonymous proxy server has the same advantages as the transparent proxy in the caching plan, but at the same time provides more privacy: your IP address is replaced by a proxy IP address or some random address. An anonymous proxy does not send a host with a variable http_x_forwarded_for, so your IP address cannot be registered. An anonymous proxy server displays the following information: REMOTE_ADDR = Proxy IP Address HTTP_VIA = Proxy IP Address HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = Proxy IP address or random address The most interesting is the case of the substitution of the value of the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR variable to the address that is unused on the Internet, although it has the meaning. For example: - Inner loop 192.168.x.x - local subnet, etc. In such cases, the field is formally completed, but useful information to determine the real user does not carry. Using an anonymous proxy, it is important to make sure that http_x_forwarded_for is competently replaced. An interesting feature of this variable - it can accumulate the values ​​of addresses of all proxy through which the package was transmitted. In this case, all addresses will be stored in a variable through the comma.

Elite proxy

The elite proxy server can be called "supernatronic", as it provides maximum safety. An elite proxy server cannot be detected: From the side, your use of the Internet will look like a proxy is not used at all. Elite proxy servers do not send variables HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_VIA и HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION. The host does not report even the fact of using a proxy server, and the more your IP address. The only thing that includes an elite proxy server is the Remote_ADDR header with a proxy IP address that exhibits the proxy server by the client. Websites, however, may suspect the use of a proxy server if the client sends packets with cookies, preserved from the last visit without the use of the maximum anonymous proxy server. In this case, you need to clean cookies and possibly cache. The elite proxy server transmits the following information: REMOTE_ADDR = IP address proxy HTTP_VIA = space HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = space

Anonymity myth or reality?

The proxy is actively used for anonymous work on the Internet. However, the goals, the achievement of which the proxy server contributes, can differ significantly, therefore applications in the level of anonymity are divided into several types: Transparent - used exclusively for caching information and are not anonymous, issuing themselves during the work of themselves and the IP address of the owner of the computer. Anonymous - detect themselves without issuing the client's IP address. Distorting - transmitted by such "proxy" The IP address is artificially generated or fictitious. Web server perceives distorted IP for a clean coin, and cannot use real, reliably protected data. Luxury - carefully hide not only the client's IP address, but also its own presence in the process of work. The Web server perceives the work of such an application as an appeal of a real user computer, while in fact the elite "proxy" actually acts in this role. This classification is conditional and introductory character. In fact, the varieties of HTTP servers are much more, they all adjust to the specific individual characteristics of the client and the tasks that it puts.

HTTP proxy

HTTP – This "proxy" allows you to work on the Internet via HTTP and in some cases using HTTPS / FTP protocols. With the help of such a server, it is convenient to cache information coming from the World Wide Web. However, the main features and features of this product require more detailed consideration.


Despite the fact that the protocol of this format was developed for a long time, he not only did not lose the relevance in our days, but also acquired even more popularity thanks to his versatility. This proxy "cooperates" with almost any protocols. For example, 4 version with TCP, 5th with TCP and UDP. This application will not cause any conflicts and when working with FTP, HTTP, NNTP, POP3, SMTP and many other types of protocols.