Our rules

Terms of use of the service

You do not have the right to use any services «ProxyElite.biz» for:

1. Making illegal actions or other violations of applicable legislation, threats, causing anxiety or violation of the right to inviolability of the privacy of other persons, unauthorized messaging, interception, tracking or change of messages that are not intended for you.

2. Causing harm to users, in particular, using viruses, spyware and malicious programs, worms, trojan programs, slow motion bombs or other malicious program codes or teams, fraudulent and fraudulent action, misleading, phishing, embarrassment or attempts Identification personal data, participation in illegal gambling or advertising of such games.

3. Activities that humiliate human dignity are intimidating people, provoke violence or incite damage to any person or group of persons on the basis of their age, gender, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, geographical location or on another illegal base.

4. Children's exploitation or damage to them, selling, purchases or advertising prohibited or limited to free access of products or services, download, download, transmission and showing materials related to portography categories or violence, as well as providing access to such materials.

5. Collection of personal information without appropriate permission. This information includes, in particular, the name of account holders and email addresses, participation in any activity that interferes or preventing the work of services or products "ProxyElite.biz" (as well as servers and networks connected to the services of ProxyElite.biz).

6. Violations of copyright, rights to trademarks, patent rights or intellectual property rights of others, violations of the rights of any individuals for confidentiality or publicity.

You do not have to use services «ProxyElite.biz» In any way in which the terms of use, the conditions for the provision of services or licenses are violated, which are applicable to certain services. You also have no right to sell, resell or duplicate any products or services of the company ProxyElite.biz without her written permission.

The above items are given only as an example. You should not consider this list as full and final, since we can periodically update it. «ProxyElite.biz» Reserves the right to suspend the maintenance of those users who, in our opinion, violate these conditions.

Privacy policy

For us "Personal Information"

Means information that either directly identifies you (for example, your name, email address or payment information), or may be fairly easily connected or combined with other data for your identification (for example, an account identification number or IP address) any information In addition, it is considered "not personal information." If we store your personal information along with information that are not personal, we are considering this combination as personal information. In case of deleting all personal information from the data set, the remaining part is not personal information.

How do we study information about you?

1. When you directly convey it to us (for example, if you decide to send us statements about failures).

2. When we want to learn more about you, based on the information you gave us (for example, when we use your IP address to set a language for some of our services).

When do we pass your information to other persons?

1. When it is required by law. We fulfill the requirements of the law when we receive a request from the authorities or in connection with the judicial matter. We will inform you if we get a request for the transfer of your personal information, if this is not prohibited by the law. Upon receipt of such requests, we reveal your personal information only if we have a conscientious assumption that the law requires it to do this. No position of this policy is intended to limit any legal protection measures or legal objections that you may have regarding the request of a third party to disclosure your information.

2. When we believe it is necessary to prevent damage to you or other persons. We transmit your information only when we have a good assumption that this is a reasonable need to protect your rights, property or security, as well as the rights, property and security of other users or society.

How do we store and protect your personal information?

We strive to protect your personal information when they appear. We accept physical, business and technical security measures. If, despite our efforts, we will learn about the bars in our security system, we will inform you about this so that you can take appropriate protective measures. In addition, we are not going to keep your personal information longer than we need it. When the need for your personal information will disappear, we will take measures to destroy them, if only the law does not require us to maintain them.

What will happen if this privacy policy change?

It may be necessary for us to change this policy and notifications. If the changes are essential, we will declare the update on the site «ProxyElite.biz» Further use of the product or service after the day of entry into force of such changes means your consent to these changes.

Refusal of guarantees and limit responsibility

Communications are provided by "as is", with all faults. By the extent permitted by law «ProxyElite.biz» And the parties exempted from responsibility are hereby refused all guarantees, explicit or implied, including, without limitation, guarantees the absence of defects, commodity state, suitability for specific purposes or lack of violation of the rights of third parties. You assume the entire risk with regard to the use of communications for your purposes and regarding the quality and performance of communications, including, without restrictions, the risk of deleting or damageing your software, hardware or content, or unauthorized access of unauthorized persons to your information, as well as Abuse or illegal excretion of your feed from other users. This restriction acts in situations of the absence of a significant application of any remedies. In some jurisdictions, it is not allowed to exclude or limit the implied guarantees, so this reservation may not touch you.

In addition to the cases required by law, «ProxyElite.biz» and the parties exempted from responsibility are not responsible for any direct, indirect, actual, real or side losses incurred by or in any connection with these Terms of Use or the inability to use communications, including, without limitation, direct and indirect losses due to Losses of reputation, missed benefits, data loss and failure or computer malfunction, even if it was known about the possibility of such losses, and regardless of the theory (contract, civil offense or other), on which the claim is based. Cumulative responsibility «ProxyElite.biz» and the parties exempted from responsibility under this Agreement does not exceed $ 500 (five hundred dollars). In some jurisdictions, an exception or limitation of liability for random or indirect losses is not allowed, so the above limitations may not belong to you.

Reimbursement of losses

You agree to defend, reimburse damage and fencing «ProxyElite.biz», its contractors, employees, licensors and partners, as well as their relevant directors, officials, workers and agents ("Parties exempted from responsibility") from any claims of third parties and expenses (including legal costs) arising from our use of our Communications (including, without restriction, your feed or violation of you any data).