How to buy and when will I get a proxy?

"Bonus 10% for balance when paying "USDT TRC20, ETH, TRX, SOL and other cryptocurrencies" *To get a bonus, contact our support service and you will be charged a bonus on the account*


All Items On our site can be paid with our payment service - Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Mir, WebMoney, YooMoney, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Stripe, Alipay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Eth, USDT, Ether and other cryptocurrency. To buy a proxy package, click Tariffs. Select the proxy package you need and click to buy. After that you will automatically be redirected to a 24-hour online instant shopping store. To enter the online store, you must register an account and verify it using an existing email address. After payment, you instantly get access to your personal account and proxy list.

Instructions in pictures

1. Select the suitable package and click Buy.

2. In the Viewing page and payment page, click Proof.

3. In the page that opens, passes a minute registration, enter your name, e-mail address, password and confirm the password.

4. Check and accept the terms of service and pass the captcha and click Finish the order.

5. All will redirect you to the payment gateway for payment.

How to get a refund within 24 hours from the date of purchase.


Within 24 hours after activation, if proxy is not suitable, you can return your money. To make a refund, please contact technical support.

Can I take the test of your proxy?


Yes of course a test for 30 minutes Free Proxy Test.

I stopped working proxy what to do?


This may occur if for example you have disconnected from the Internet and you have a dynamic IP. (If the IP of your provider is "dynamic" i.e (IP is constantly changing when it is turned off from the Internet, disconnect) and you are a buyer of our proxy: contact our technical support, we will help to solve the problem with a dynamic IP). Check the work of the proxy in the browser (are the pages of famous popular sites over proxy open?), If they do not work there, write to technical support, the question is solved. If in any browser proxy work, most likely the problem is not on our side.

Speak by Checker your proxy and none does not work!


You do not need our proxy "Check" with different checks! You will not determine the work of our proxy! 1.Our proxies work through a login / password and binding to IP. 2. Washes "Checkers" can be blocked by our servers, as it can work the usual protection against attacks. Check the performance of a proxy for example by Proxifier program or through a regular browser and if everything works, and your program is not, then look for the reason in the program, it happens and usually in 99.999% of user errors. If still it does not work, contact our technical support service.

What are discounts?


On some packages we have permanent discounts. Use the function to extend in your account (extension price may be lower than the price of a newly purchased product). A warning! If your account you decide to extend no longer works, you cannot use the extension function, as you can not enter the control panel. There will have to buy a new account.

How to extend my account?


Extend the account is possible if it still works for you and you can go to the control panel. If your account is overdue, you will not be able to enter the control panel and use the extension feature! To extend the acting account, you need to find the section to extend the account in the client panel: and click on 30, 90, or 360 days and extend the account. After activation, you will see a change in time and the number of remaining days.

How many proxy live?


Our proxies are extremely durable, you can be confident. The term you will accommodate the account for which you buy, moreover, if you want to extend a subscription, you should also not be afraid that something happened to our proxy.

How often does the list of IP addresses change?


Proxy we have static, that is, they are not updated. Once a week, you can update the list manually (use the Control Panel Find the Update IP List and click Get New IP). When buying a second identical proxy package, the IP difference can be 85-95%

How many users can work on one account?


Only one user can work on one account. Each account in the personal account is attached to your IP provider and if you gave someone to your account and this user came into it first, you will not connect you. This is done with one goal to avoid free connections.

Search engines emit captcha.


This is a normal phenomenon. Just a system for protecting search engines from scanners. This behavior is noticed not only on our service but also from ordinary providers.

My program requires a login / password


If your program requires a special login / password format, then in the control panel there is a builder of the layout of various formats and unloading them. Available tags: {ip}, {port}. Example: {ip}:{port}@name:pass. We have provided it and you can create any login / password format for any program. And also we have an API for remote access to the list of available proxies.